Agility Saietta R

Agility Saietta R Electric Motorcycle

As car manufacturers around the world look towards hybrid technology, bike makers are also experimenting with electrically powered machines. London based Agility are one of the first such companies to create a fully electric motorcycle, which not only manages the same co2 output as a butterfly (well probably!), but also to look damn cool. The Saietta R is marketed as an electric urban sport motorcycle, and with its huge amount of low-down power and the relentless wave of torque the electric motor delivers, it certainly can wear its “sport” title with pride. A compact package in such a short wheelbase, the guys at Agility have done wondrous things in ensuring the handling and manoeuvrability isn’t comprised by the additional weight of the battery pack. The acceleration offered by the Saietta R is literally breathtaking, reaching 0-60mph in only 3 seconds. Team this performance with a 120 mile range, then you’re looking at a winning package.

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