Aston Martin Vantage GT3

Aston Martin Vantage GT3

Aston Martin showcase their latest road ready race-car in the form of their “baby” Vantage model. The Vantage now edging towards ten years since it’s introduction welcomes the GT3 tag, adding a new lease of life. Lower, wider and more powerful than the road going version, this GT3 model gains performance tweaks and a ton of aero work putting all that power down on the track. Inside the cabin, carbon and alcantara dominate, whilst many comforts you’d expect to see inside an Aston Martin disappear as you’re reminded this is an all out race car.


Aston Martin’s development team have utilised F1 technology in maxing out the aerodynamics offering. The bodywork features numerous air intakes, spoilers, cuts and slats all allowing air to flow in and around the car – cooling, and creating downforce. We’re told this creates an experience of insane handling and road grip when compared with the standard road going model. The titanium exhaust system offers a distinctively Aston sound, with a hint more attitude reminding the competition it means business. Exiting just above the rear diffuser, the exhaust simply hangs out of the back of the car in a statement of race-car obnoxiousness.

With power output from the glorious 6.0L V12 now reaching just shy of 600hbp teamed with the 100kg diet, this Aston Martin offers serious competition for the Porsche GT3.

With a limited production run of only 100 units, getting your hands on a Vantage GT3 might be tricky. A price tag of £250,000 is an almighty increase over the standard Vantage, but highlights the performance evolution. The perfect weekend car addition to your stable.

Get it! | £250,000