Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan

A hardcore track car developed by Aston Martin, the Vulcan is as extreme as they get whilst providing competition for the McLaren P1 GTR and LaFerrari FXX K. The blend of traditional Aston Martin aesthetics and all-out Le Mans style creates something that is simultaneously beautiful and aggressive. Without any road-car restrictions in mind, Aston have opted for a large 7.0L V12 mid-mounted (to help aid balance), whilst power is delivered to the 19 inch rear wheels via the six speed sequential gearbox. The Vulcan’s body is supplied in the form of a carbon fibre monocoque which adds strength and rigidity to the car.


Stopping power is supplied by the tried and tested carbon ceramic brakes. The discs are as huge as they come, and as huge as you’d want remembering there’s 800bhp on tap. 380mm front and 360mm rear are teamed with Brembo calipers giving a true track-car set-up. The aerodynamics team have been hard a work squeezing every last inch of downforce from the obnoxiously large rear wing. At the front, channels in the body work direct air around the car whilst feeding the hungry V12 with a cold supply.

Developed by Aston Martin’s racing development team the outrageous 7.0L V12 produces over 800bhp elevating the Vulcan into true Hypercar status.

A limited run of only 24 Vulcans will be produced as tribute to Aston Martin’s love affair with the Le Mans 24 hour race series. Through their uber exclusive VIP program you’ll have the chance to customise every last detail of your Vulcan.

Get it! | £1.5M