Audi TT Coupe

Audi TT (3rd Gen)

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow in 1995, the Audi TT quickly became a motoring icon offering best in class looks with performance to match. Almost 20 years on, the eagerly awaited 3rd generation model is here in both coupe and roadster forms. The styling has taken a much more angular direction, giving the TT an aggression which we felt lacked previous models. Classic TT DNA has been respected whilst the new flatter, wider stance creates a sportier looking silhouette ready to take on the new breed of Boxsters and Caymans. The innovation continues inside the cabin, with Audi’s new virtual cockpit replacing the analogue dials with a high definition display, allowing the driver to view the speedometer, rev counter, car adjustments, navigation and media. New Matrix Beam headlights, cleverly avoid oncoming traffic allowing you to drive on full beam on dark stretches of road – an extra we’d recommend opting for. Power comes from Audi’s bulletproof 2.0 TFSI but with increased power figures and reduced co2 ouput, it’s as happy in the city as it is on twisty back roads. If you’re looking for something a little more hardcore we suggest waiting for the TTS or TTRS models which we expect to follow shortly…

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