Falcon Bullet Motorcycle

Falcon Motorcycles “The Bullet”

In 2008, Californian based Falcon began a mission to build a series of 10 custom motorcycles, and it’s their “The Bullet” bike which we’ve fallen in love with. “The Bullet” is both classic and refined in it’s appearance, with swathes of aluminium, brass, copper, steel and leather blended together to make a bike which looks like it’s straight from the garage of Steve McQueen. You can forget your bright red Ducati’s, keep your green Kawasaki’s, Falcon’s rides are raw, stripped back machines that celebrate pure engineering. The base for “The Bullet” was a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird, which received heavy modifications during it’s 1,000 hours build time. Falcon Motorcycles owner Ian Barry keeps a close eye on all production, he employs just a small team to work on each bike, ensuring the bespoke, customised feel isn’t lost as it often is in large workshops with mass production. The truth is, getting your hands on a Falcon is no mean feat, if you got yourself on the waiting list now your grandson might just get to ride it!

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