Ford GT

Ford GT (2016)

Unveiled recently at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford’s new GT enters the US supercar market with looks and performance to bother the guys over in Modena. Expected to launch sometime in 2016, Ford’s flagship supercar utilises an all new lightweight aluminium chassis blended with a carbon fibre centre structure that gives the ultimate in rigidity and weight saving. The heart of the car is the turbocharged 3.5L V6, mid-mounted for perfect weight distribution. This delivers an almighty 600bhp directly to the rear wheels, via the seven speed gearbox. Ford’s EcoBoost technology is present, helping to deliver more performance whilst keeping a handle on the fuel consumption – expect this GT to sip rather than gulp fuel as the last V8 powered GT did. Carbon ceramic brakes on each corner offer the stopping power this car requires, and they certainly do the job without the fading of traditional brakes. And you’ll thank those brakes every time, with a 0-62mph time of 3.0 seconds and a top speed in the 200mph club, the Ford GT offers hypercar performance. Everything about the GT has been derived from Ford’s racing thoroughbred, the DNA of years of racing history melted down and forged into this all out street-legal race car. Oh and one more thing… just look at that rear end, need we say more?!

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