McLaren F1

McLaren F1

For a long time it was the holder of the fastest road going production car, and was a true pin-up of the 90’s. The McLaren F1 was born in 1992 with a limited production run of only 106 models ever seeing the light of day. The original idea was conceived by Gordon Murray, who with the help of Ron Dennis who financed the project, and car design supremo Peter Stevens. The use of high-tech materials throughout the body and chassis such as carbon fibre, titanium, magnesium, kevlar, and even gold, helped to create a car of incredibly low weight, but also maintaining great strength. McLaren opted for BMW engine, delivered from their motorsport department, the teaming of which with their low weight car gave birth to something rather special.


Delivering an almighty 627bhp the V12 propelled the F1 to a top speed of 231 mph. During tests McLaren even experimented, disabling the rev limiter, which saw a ridiculous 243 mph. Inside the F1 you’ll find room for three – McLaren opted for a 1 + 2 layout, with the driver positioned dead centre, the perfect position to recreate the formula 1 driving experience McLaren originally set out to recreate.

With the 6.1L V12 mid mounted engine driving the super-wide rear tyres, McLaren delivered supercar nirvana with their F1.

Remaining one of the fastest road cars ever to hit production, in the 23 years since its launch only a handful of cars have managed to surpass its top speed. The list is a tight and elite set comprising of the the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg Agera R, SSC Ultimate Aero TT and Hennessey Venom GT – all of which relying on turbo and/or supercharger technology, whereas the McLaren F1 achieved its 243mph in its naturally aspirated form. With the latest auction prices for F1’s to reach $8M and upwards it’s perhaps reserved for the super-rich, but we can but dream…

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