Singer Porsche 911 Hong Kong 2

Singer Porsche 911 Hong Kong 2

Singer Vehicle Design are masters of their craft, and luckily for us that craft is taking a 1990-1994 Porsche 911 and enhancing both the aesthetics and performance of the car. Each car that Singer produce is a true work of art, with around 20 vehicles now having rolled out of their small Californian based workshop. This particular “Hong Kong 2″ model features white exterior with a contrasting royal blue interior. Underneath the paintwork, you’ll find the original panels have been replaced by specially crafted carbon fibre, whilst every other component has been replaced or refined to deliver retro styling with modern day supercar performance.


Porsche fans of old will be delighted that Singer retain the original 964 hydraulically powered rack and pinion steering, whilst they’ve opted for servo assisted braking courtesy of the 993 twin turbo – featuring Brembo calipers and drilled brake discs ensuring organ detaching stopping power. Transmission is supplied in the form of the Getrag G50 unit, all painstakingly stripped and rebuilt using new components delivering an excellence balance of performance and refinement. Singer provide the choice of either a classic 5 speed or close ratio 6 speed – for those wanting to maximise the track performance. A carbon twin-plate clutch is fitted as standard delivering all of that power to the rear wheels.

The re-worked Cosworth tuned 3.8L straight six kicks out an almighty 360bhp, which produces a god-like roar from the dual-piped centre exhaust. The Singer Porsche 911 is a car to be seen and heard.

Singer owner Rob Dickinson and his team of geniuses continue to produce creations that improve on the near perfection that the Porsche 911 already offers. Their attention to detail and teaming of retro styling with 21st century technology continues to wow car fans around the world. If you’re looking for something both unique and timeless in its style, maybe you should chat with Rob before you add another car to your stable.

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