Toyota FCV Fuel Cell

Toyota FCV

As much as we love the sound of a V8, we know that one day that sound will be no more. Worldwide oil depletion will hit in around 50 years time, and whilst that’s great news for the polar bears it’s bad news for those who don’t enjoy walking. Toyota released their Prius back in 1997 and introduced the world to efficient mass produced hybrid vehicles. The next evolution in powered vehicles leads us to hydrogen fuel cell. It’s a massive leap in terms of technology, with hydrogen cells running on a simple mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, with the only byproduct being water. Toyota’s FCV is a $67,000 hatchback, expensive you may think, but running costs will be a fraction of any petrol car. Range should see you to about 300 miles before re-fuelling. You have to admit it looks damn cool, and having a car that runs on hydrogen has as much kudos as that V8 you currently brag about. The FCV hits production next year but don’t expect to see one outside of Japan for a while.

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