Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey

Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey Fragrance

As the seasons change it’s perhaps time to update your fragrance. Let’s face it, you’ve been wearing whatever you found in the back of the bathroom cabinet, in which case you should check out this new fragrance from Issey Miyake. You’ve probably heard of the name, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is one of the best selling fragrances over the last decade with it’s distinctive citrus note. This updated edition is born from a collaboration between Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong from the concept of a “streak of light in the dark of night”.  The note carries a fresh scent of grapefruit and matures into a woody leather scent with notes of black pepper and vetiver. If you’re looking for an everyday fragrance, that’s reasonably light and easy, well look no further!

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