King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor

We’d agree that beards are the chosen facial furniture of the moment, but there’s always time to start a fresh and to trim back the foliage a little. If you find that rusty old razor you’ve been using for years is beginning to snag a little, it’s probably time to up your shave game and give this new King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor a go. Thankfully they’ve avoided adding the cliched new features of additional blades or a vibrating handle (thanks Roger Federer!). Instead they’ve opted to include their super hydrophilic self-lubricating cartridge, which creates its own slippery hydrogel ensuring the 5 blade rack will glide effortlessly over your face. This makes the lube strips of old pretty much obsolete – just immerse the Hyperglide Razor in water for 15–20 seconds to activate the lubrication. Simply said it takes the hassle out of shaving.

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