Ralph Lauren Polo Red

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Fragrance

A change can be good, especially when that change is switching from the awful old fragrance you found in the back of the bathroom cabinet. If you’re looking to upgrade to something less likely to turn the nose of every woman you talk to in the bar, then you should check out Ralph’s new Polo Red fragrance. As the red bottle suggests, this a fiery and spicy fragrance, which aims to ignite the thrill seeker inside you – maybe an extra shot of espresso before this morning’s newspaper then? The blend of red saffron and fresh grapefruit mixed with deep redwood offers a sporty and sweet smell whilst the fragrance is long lasting enough to see you into the evening. Ralph’s line of Polo fragrances has been around for some time now, and Red certainly injects life into the range. We’ve never been seduced by a fragrance, well until now we haven’t.

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