The Hop Concept Pale Ale

The Hop Concept IPA

Quarterly released Indian Pale Ales each with their own unique hop combinations giving both flavours and aroma that’ll have you rethinking your whole beer game. The Hop Concept idea was born to simplify the craft beer market, creating speciality beers that are both focused whilst complex in their tastes. Their mission is to ensure every bottle they produce fully explores the hop combinations they’ve so brilliantly crafted giving each flavour it’s own unique character. Hitting Hop Concepts brewing distribution network in February 2015, you’ll be able to look forward to 22oz bottles of Dank and Sticky IPA (February), Citrus and Piney IPA (May), Lemon and Grassy IPA (August), and finally, Tropical and Juicy IPA (November). Find out where you can sample some of this liquid gold by visiting their website and social feeds.

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