Monument Valley App Game

Monument Valley

Whether it’s something to while away the hours on the morning commute, or a little relief during that really boring presentation you find yourself sitting through, Monument Valley is a highly addictive puzzle game which looks bloody gorgeous. Sometimes the most simple games are the best, think about it… Tetris, Pong, Pacman, they all ooze simplicity but are as addictive as crack. The concept of the game is to lead the princess character through mazes of optical illusions and objects which at first appear impossible but keep on playing and you’ll be rewarded with the next level. The visual style of Monument Valley is inspired by Japanese prints, whilst the architecture of the in-game buildings echoes minimalist sculptures. Cancel your plans for at least the next two weeks because you won’t be able to put this one down. Available for both IOS and Android all fellow pocket-gamers can unite in defeating the crow people (you’ll get that one once you’ve played it!).

Get it for Android! | $3.99 Get it for IOS! | $3.99