Bull & Stash Notebooks

Bull & Stash Notebooks

A notebook that never ran out? It’s one of life’s little problems, getting to the end of a notebook – whether it’s creative sketches or detailed plans for your business empire, having to pick up a new notebook is always a pain. This problem leads to having to retain a collection of notebooks, never being sure which one those important notes are actually in. What began as an idea in Bull & Stash’s workshop, through the sourcing of the finest materials and a design process which is simplistically beautiful, their notebooks were born. Available in 5 distinctive sizes and formats, whether you need something that’ll fit in your back pocket, or something larger for detailed sketches, there’s a perfect notebook waiting for you.


Your Bull & Stash notebook can be customised with a selection of paper types, lined, thick sketch, or graph paper. Each type has a fine quality about it, making taking notes a joy.

It’ll most likely be the last notebook you ever have to buy. It’s in for the long haul, around for the whole journey.

No matter how attached we become to our tablets and oversized phones, there’s something both simple and great about keeping a trusty notebook on your person. We particularly like Bull & Stash’s notebook with its stripped back approach, taking the basics that make a great notebook – thick oiled leather, metal hardware and quality paper.

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