Cocoon Smart Home Security

Cocoon Home Security

Keeping your home protected from burglars is sometimes as sophisticated as keeping a baseball bat under your bed. But what about when you’re not around? Sure you’ve got that “attack” dog, but let’s be honest, he’ll probably just roll over for any intruder. As technology develops in all other areas of our everyday lives, security tech hasn’t so much, until now. Meet Cocoon, a smart and simple way to protect your home. Combining a HD Camera, Motion Detection & Subsound Technology Cocoon will sense any movement around your home. If it detects anything unusual, it will let you know via an alert on your smartphone. Your attack dog won’t be setting off any false alarms either, as Cocoon is able to identify pet activity, whilst it’ll know who’s at home using smartphone location technology. Should you need to know what’s happening, you’ll be able to beam high quality video and audio straight to your smartphone.

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