Haibike Xduro Fulllife RX


It isn’t just electrically assisted hybrid technology taking the car world by storm, the same is happening for bicycles. Meet Haibike, founded in 1996 by Susanne and Felix Puello. Their range of ePerformance bikes was first introduced in 2009, and this latest iteration in the form of the Haibike XDuro XC MTH is due to deliver on every level. Haibike strive to combine the full suspension mountain bike experience with the very best of electric motor systems provided by Bosch. The riding balance is exactly how you like, either cruise along on full electric power, or use the e-assistance to your own pedal power to go all out. Haibike’s designs have won many an award, and we’re sure they will continue to win over fans as they expand their range.

Get it! | From £2,700