With Silicon Valley’s ongoing interest into wearable smartwatch technology, for Swiss watchmakers it’s time to innovate. Maximilian Büsser’s MB&F brand is creating the most astonishing, bizarre and out of this world timepieces (or Horological Machine’s as Maximillian refers to them), which verge on being works of art. This HM6 is inspired by spaceships from classic Japanese anime cartoons, and that’s exactly what it looks like – a spaceship… on your wrist. The cool biomorphic design is machined from two blocks of titanium (we’re talking the best aerospace alloys here), with over 100 hours of polishing to creating the beautiful satin effect. Inside you’ll find nearly 500 individual components, around 70 precious jewels, motors, rotors, turbines and gears in the most sophisticated set-up perhaps ever conceived – all powering the hours, minutes and second movements found underneath the protective sapphire crystal domes. The price tag of $230,000 reflects the complexity, craftsmanship and uniqueness whilst the limited edition run of only 50 units means it’ll be damn hard finding one – Good Luck!

Get it! | $230,000