Mikili Slit Bicycle Rack

Mikili Slît Bike Rack

Minimalism in design always deserves the acclaim it receives, and this German made bike rack is testament to that. Tripping over your bicycle in the middle of the night is never that much fun, neither is having to leave it on the landing in fear of having someone steal it – simply because you don’t have enough space to store your bike inside. Berlin based Mikili may have solved your conundrum, when they designed this ingenious wall holder for your bicycle, teaming simplicity with function. The rack folds neatly into the wall whilst not in use, becoming one with the wall – who would have thought a bike rack could become part of your decor? The built in shelf provides additional space for any equipment you have laying around, whilst the protective felt overlay keeps your frame scuff free. Now it’s time to dust off your power tools and get this thing fixed to the wall – just check for pipes before you drill!

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