Nike Magista Obra Sg Pro

Nike Magista Obra SG-Pro

There are those who drag themselves onto the pitch each weekend after a heavy night of drinking, and they’re happy playing in an old pair of beat-up boots – why wouldn’t they eh? If however your own footwork is on par with the likes of Messi and Neymar jr, then you’ll need some decent kit, and the Nike Magista Obra SG-Pro boots are most probably what you need. They’re a soft ground boot, perfect for everything from the muddy sloping pitches to the manicured turf at Wembley. Designed for playmakers, they’ll enhance your touch and control – letting you forget about your boots, and get on with the playing. The one-piece fly-knit design does away with the tongue, whilst the built-in sock support gives the breathability, stretch and the support you’ll need as you tear down the right wing.

Get it! | £240