Solid Wool Hembury Chair

SolidWool Hembury Chair

A chair made from wool? As bizarre as it sounds, there’s beauty in this notion. It’s always inspiring to see raw materials go into a product, especially one where they were just never expected to go. British based SolidWool are carving a name for themselves by beautifully hand crafting their Hembury Chairs from their small workshop in the South West of the country. Taking a product which once the town thrived on, as wool spinning and carpet manufacturing left the area, SolidWool thought outside the box to resuscitate the industrial heart of their town, Buckfastleigh. Inspired by the Eames Plastic Side Chair – a design icon of the 1950’s, the Hembury Chair uses wool from the Herdwick Sheep breed of the Lake District, giving an almost melange dark grey colouring. The wool is compacted and mixed with resins to create a smooth but strong finish. Steel legs are hand made in Peterborough which are then powder coated and carefully fitted to the ash legs creating something that we consider much more than “just” a chair.

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