Tool Logic SL2 Pro

Tool Logic SL Pro 2

Whilst adventuring, having a sharp blade is one of the most important tools you can carry. From cutting rope, gutting fish or hacking your left arm off (Aron Ralston) you’ll appreciate carrying a good quality knife. The Tool Logic SL Pro 2 features a razor sharp blade – we mean you can actually shave with this thing (although we recommend King of Shaves for that!). No running your finger over the blade to check how sharp it is – you’ll be spending the afternoon getting stitches. The clever knife also features an LED torch, Firestarter and Emergency Whistle – it’s the mother of all survival tools combined into a small pocket sized package. Made in Sweden from a Magnesium Alloy the firestarter will create sparks even when wet – generally the conditions you’re facing when trying to start a fire. The LED torch is waterproof so it’ll be good in a downpour or should you find yourself knee deep in swamp-like conditions. It’s simply the next best thing to having Bear Grylls at your side next time you’re camping.

Get it! | Around $30