Woodway 4front Treadmill

Woodway 4Front Treadmill

Ok, so you’ve put on a little “holiday weight” and it’s looking awfully dark and chilly outside – best put off that run again. Running on treadmills can be a savour in the colder months, but also a real pain – they’re noisy, and there’s a constant fear with each wobble you’re going to end up head first through the nearest wall. Woodway’s 4Front treadmill uses a unique slatted belt system, unlike the conventional solid belt you’ll find in most. This reduces the stress on your joints, whilst providing a more grippy running surface. Best of all, the impact noise is massively reduced, meaning your neighbours will no longer consider hiring a hitman to “off” you. The built in 19″ HDTV offers enough entertainment to keep you distracted from the fact you’re running faster and further than ever before, tune into your favourite channels, listen to your own playlists or just take in some relaxing woodland trail footage. Running in your home never got so good.

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