Hunter Lace-up Boots

Hunter Lace-Up Boots

British heritage brand Hunter are known around the world for their iconic Wellington Boots, and little has changed from the original design way back in the 1800’s. When he first arrived in Scotland, American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris created the North British Rubber Company – catchy name huh?! He later renamed his company to Hunter and perfected the vulcanisation process that would make his durable rubber world class. These Hunter Lace-Up boots are a slight departure from the classic look, think of them as a demi-wellington still offering the 100% waterproof finish and high quality you’ll come to expect. Having laces in your Hunters is no bad thing, those who have spent many an hour heaving off a muddy pair in the back of a Land Rover Defender will applaud the addition. Perfect for muddy and urban terrains alike, team with a pair of thick socks, denim and check shirt for a relaxed look.

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