Oakley Transfer Case Unobtanium Strap Edition

Oakley Transfer Case Watch

Californian based Oakley are best known for their performance goggles, visors and sunglasses. If your idea of the perfect weekend is spending a day doing “360’s” whilst strapped to a plank of wood you probably already have a love for their adrenaline junkie focused products. We’ve been particularly impressed by their line of watches recently, due to their bold, and convention ignoring designs. This quirkily titled Transfer Case model honours their design philosophy of no-messing simplicity whilst utilising industrial, weighty materials to achieve their hardcore look and feel. The Oakley Transfer Case isn’t a watch made for flimsy, girly wrists – this is a man’s watch, built by men for men. The case is made from impact-forged 316L stainless steel with pure sapphire crystal and an Oakley Unobtainium (they’re kidding right?!) strap. It’s bold, it’s heavy duty and we love it.

Get it! | $625