Withings Activite Watch

Withings Activité

This clean and simple looking watch from Withings at first glance appears to offer just the basic time telling function that any watch does, however a closer look and you’ll notice this Activité model is infact equipped with an additional dial running from 0 to 100. This dial is your daily fitness goal, and the display will edge ever closer to the magic 100 mark as you go about your daily activities. The watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and beams data about your sleep, and physical movement to the companion app.


Withings pride themselves on the fact this watch is made in Switzerland, home to the most skilled horologists in the world and it’s here where the attention to detail shines through. The domed sapphire glass face, french calf leather strap and the 316L stainless steel case all go to give this watch a luxury feel.

Battery life stands at a whopping 6 months, which puts most other smart watches to shame.

Compatible with IOS and Android devices, it’s the perfect blend of style, whilst elegantly dipping its toes into the world of smartwatch functionality. The battery life and uncomplicated design of the Withings Activité are in our eyes a winning combination.

Get it! | $450