Analogue Neo Geo

Analogue Neo

It was the mother of all games systems. We’re talking King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, 3 Count Bout – the list goes on… If you’re older than 40 you may have treated yourself to one back in the day, otherwise it was simply a dream to own a Neo Geo. The price point put the iconic machine out of the reach of most kids, whilst the cartridges retailed for astronomical amounts – we’re talking SNES and Megadrive console prices. Most of us got our fix in local arcades – but if you feel you missed out, well the Analogue Neo is here to fill that void. Hand crafted in the USA from 100% ash, the Analogue Neo is ready to hook up to your HDTV using either the RGB, Component, S-Video or Composite connections provided. It offers the 100% genuine experience, utilising the original SNK MV1C motherboard, with an original Seimitsu Joystick. Home gaming never got any better than this!

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