Apple 27-inch iMac

Ever think, “I really need 14.7million pixels on my screen”? Well Apple have just filled that void in your life with their latest 27 inch iMac with Retina 5K Display. It’s the most powerful iMac they’ve ever created, featuring improvements from a faster CPU and graphics, through to the inclusion of their Fusion Drive hard disk, and Thunderbolt 2. The Retina 5K is simply on another level to most desktop displays, displaying 67% more pixels than even a 4K display. You’ll really appreciate the difference in screen real estate the next time you load up Photoshop or Final Cut Pro Speed. Increases under the hood come from the 3.5Ghz quad core Intel Core i5 Processor, up to 32GB of memory and 3TB Fusion Drive. Time to upgrade that old beige tower.

Get it! | From £1,999