Apple Watch

Let’s face it, who can be bothered with constant pocketing and de-pocketing of our smartphones to check each message, tweet or google the name of that film you thought Adam Sandler was or wasn’t in to prove your friend wrong. As smartphone’s have grown in size a-la iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the gap in the market for wearable technology has truly opened up. Unlike other smartwatches on the market, the Cupertino masters lead by Johnny Ive have crafted a piece of beauty, with the usual Apple wow factor. Available in early 2015, in 2 sizes and in 3 distinct collections featuring various metal finishes and straps, the options for customisation are limitless. Powered by a custom built S1 chip, and featuring a pressure sensitive sapphire touch screen, wireless charging, a “taptic” feedback engine and of course Siri integration. Time perhaps to put the Rolex back in his case? Time will tell.