Logitech Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech Multi Device Keyboard

If you ever tried typing anything longer than the odd email on a touch screen device, well you’ll know how much of a pain it can be. The only viable option is a bluetooth keyboard, and with multiple devices on our persons at any one time this can cause an even bigger headache. The Logitech Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard solves many of these problems, by utilising a clever switch, or “easy switch” as Logitech call it. The dial allows you to switch between 3 connected devices, from your desktop, tablet to your smartphone. The integrated cradle will hold both a tablet and smartphone at the same time allowing both devices to stand proudly on your desk. Compatible with Android, IOS, OSX and Windows, plus with the integrated battery this keyboard is the perfect blend of being truly portable and uber useful. A piece of tech that’ll have you wondering how you ever managed without it!

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