Vertu For Bentley

Vertu for Bentley

If you have a certain penchant for luxury items, and the latest Apple or Samsung smartphones aren’t quite cutting it for you, you’re going to need something a little more, well… Vertu. You see Vertu don’t mass produce their phones in China, neither do they rush the process. Everything you see is handmade in Britain, with the same care and attention as you’d find on a luxury car maker’s production line – which leads us very nicely to introduce this Vertu for Bentley collaboration. The Signature Touch for Bentley model offers the most exquisite features ensuring your phone offer the same level of luxury as the Bentley Continental Supersports you’ll no doubt be driving. Vertu have teamed up with the best of the best to ensure all aspects of the device are world class. Sound is catered for by Bang & Olufson, camera tuned by Hasselblad, and ringtones provided courtesy of the London Symphony Ochestra. Indeed the specifications won’t disappoint either with a 2.3 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon processor at the heart of the phone, powering the Android 4.4 OS. A 4.7 inch sapphire crystal protected screen offering 1080p at 473 dpi, wireless charging, LTE and almost 15 hours of talktime – a truly formidable package. But we’d have to say the Pièce de résistance as with any Vertu phone is the dedicated concierge and lifestyle manager, on the end of your Vertu 24/7. If you’re in need of a hotel, tuxedo or a little entertainment, well they’ve got you covered.

Get it! | $17,100